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To what extent has the audience identified with me
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Alex 11 Weesly
3 posts
Jul 21, 2021
1:08 PM
To what extent does the audience recognize me https://www.academicsaviour.com/speech-dai-xie ? This question is a question of success or failure for the purpose of writing a speech.Unless you know what the audience's point of view is.Otherwise, we do not expect too much from taking the audience from point a to point B. The speaker should have a clear belief in the audience so as not to make unfounded assumptions. The purpose of the speech should strike a balance between the information you can provide and the information the audience needs or wants. After determining the purpose, you can collect relevant information under the guidance of the purpose. The following is a brief description of the nature of the old data:
1) Theoretical and explanatory data: This type of data is sufficient to provide a clear and clear concept or explanation.
2)Examples and Stories:You can also collect relevant examples or stories to prove that your argument or explanation is correct.A vivid story can often grab the viewer's attention or impress the viewer's heart.

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