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Vanguard Engines - Small Engines For Every Need
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Sep 30, 2022
6:17 AM
Business owners know the value of customization. After all, every business has unique needs and strengths. Vanguard appreciates that every business is different, so their line of engines offer many operation options. In addition to providing quality workmanship, high power output and durability, Vanguard is committed to meeting the small engine needs of the commercial sector.

Vanguard engines are used to power rental equipment, professional landscaping tools, and even construction and firefighting equipment because they are available in a wide range of power outputs, ranging from 2.4 to as much as 36 horsepower. The Vanguard Engines product line features five different engine styles, each with its own power range. With a total of 36 different models across these five styles, there is a Vanguard small engine to meet every commercial need. Below, you'll find an examination of each of the five Vanguard engine Commerical boilers.

Single-Cylinder Engines
Vanguard small engines in the single cylinder engines line can produce between 2.4 and 15 horsepower, ensuring that you have enough power to run the generators, mixers and pumps that your worksite needs. With nine different engine models to choose from there's no reason not to choose a Vanguard small engine when looking for a single-cylinder engine that's built to last.

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