pH and Cancer Question & Answer

1) What is Cancer? 
Cancer is an acidic liquid from metabolism that spoils and ferments the human cell.

2) Is cancer a mutant cell?
NO.  Human cells do not mutate they transform and adapt to their environment.  Some of the stages of this transformation give rise to the birth of bacteria, then yeast and finally mold.

3) Is cancer caused by a virus, bacteria, yeast or mold? 
No.  A virus, bacteria, yeast or mold are biological transformations of what use to be an organized healthy cell.  Germs are not the cause of disease but the evidence of an over-acidic environment.

4) What is the number two cause of death in women? 
This would be cancerous breast tissue.  When the blood is charged with metabolic acids that have not been properly eliminated they are thrown out into the fatty tissues.  When acids are thrown out into the fatty breast tissue this causes spoiling of the breasts.  To prevent the spoiling of the breasts the body buffers these acids with calcium causing breast stones or micro-calcifications.  If the spoiling continues the body will encapsulate the rotting breast tissue forming a tumor to protect the healthy tissue.  Calcifications and tumor formation is the body's way of protecting itself and the healthy tissue from toxic metabolic acids or from systemic spoiling.

5) What is the cause of prostate cancer? 
Prostate cancer is a condition of systemic acidosis that has localized in the prostate gland.  Prostate cancer is the spoiling or rotting of the prostate gland form over acidity.  There is no other cause.

6) Is cancer a noun or an adjective? 
There is no such thing as a cancer cell -- there are only acidic or cancerous cells.  The word cancer does not explain the true nature of the cell and what is happening.  Cancer is an adjective not a noun.  Cancer is something we do not something we get! Cancerous tissue is an expression of poor acidic lifestyle and dietary choice.  For example, if you smoke, the acids from the smoke will spoil your lungs giving rise to cancerous lung tissue.  If you eat the acid sugar it will spoil your breasts or prostate.  If you eat meat, the acids (nitric, uric, suphuric and phosphoric) from meat will spoil and rot your bowels giving rise to cancerous bowels.

7) Are tumors good or bad? 
Tumors are good and are helping to protect healthy cells and tissues from cancerous or spoiled rotting cells and tissues.  Just like one rotten apple will spoil a bushel of apples so one rotten acidic cell will spoil a bushel of healthy cells.  To stop the spoiling of cells from metabolic acids the body forms a tumor and encapsulates the spoiled cells as a protection for the healthy cells.  All tumors are made from fibrin the same material that clots are blood so we don't bleed to death.  You could say, tumors are saving life from acidic lifestyle and dietary choices.

8) What role does the lymphatic system play in cancer? 

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing excess acids in the tissues out through the pores of the skin through perspiration or back into blood circulation to be eliminated through urination.  If you want to be healthy you have to pee or sweat your way there!

9) Where does cancer begin?
With your choice of lifestyle and diet -- there is no other cause.  For example if you eat any meat expect to have a cancerous colon.  If you have acidic relationships with friends, spouse, family or co-workers you are at a risk for latent tissue acidosis or cancerous tissue in the weakest part of your body.

10) Does diet and lifestyle have to do with cancer? 

It has everything to do with cancerous tissue and its reversal.  Cancerous tissue is the consequence of choosing an over acidic lifestyle and diet.

11) Is cancer preventable and if so how do we prevent it?
Yes, cancerous tissue is preventable and we can prevent the rotting of our flesh from metabolic acids.  We do this by maintaining the alkaline design of our body through living an alkalizing lifestyle and dietary.

12) If I have cancer can I reverse it naturally?

The answer is yes.  The key to reversing any cancerous condition is found in the following:

a) Your level of conviction -- Do you believe?

b) Your level of commitment -- Are you ready to make a    commitment to change from an acidic lifestyle and diet to an alkaline lifestyle and diet. Remember, all diseases are curable but not all patients are curable.

c) And finally, your resources available, including family, friends and financial support in making the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes.

1) What impact do your emotions have on preventing, causing or reversing cancerous tissue?

Emotions are energy in motion. No emotion can take place without energy and when energy is being consumed acids are produced as a by-product.  Just like a car when it consumes gasoline an acidic waste product is produced - carbon monoxide.  It is common knowledge that carbon monoxide is a toxic acid and if not eliminated through the exhaust system of the car the car would immediately shut down.  And so it is with us.  Our thoughts, our emotions require energy and energy consumed produces metabolic acids.  If acids from our thoughts are not eliminated through urination, perspiration, respiration or defecation (our exhaust systems) they will make us sick, tired and cancerous.  Since you know that cancer is an acidic liquid you now know that you can cause cancerous tissue with your thoughts, or emotions.

When you are constantly in your thoughts - negative thoughts - they give rise to feelings like hatred, revenge or anger.  These thought provoked negative feelings can lower the pH of your urine (the urine pH indicates tissue pH) by over 100 times. This can cause the body to go into preservation mode 24/7, using up your alkaline buffering reserves. Once the alkaline reserves are used up the body goes into body wasting from all the acids.  Your body is being tenderized and fermented by your own acidic waste products generated from emotions.

Your alkaline or healthy thoughts create less acid then your acidic or negative thoughts.

If you want to stop the pain, the degeneration and the fermenting from your own acidic waste products you have to slow down or even stop the emotions, especially the negative emotions.  Your anxiety and negative thoughts could be killing you.  When you are continually in your thoughts you are having a "thought attack."  And "thought attacks" can lead to heart attacks and cancerous tissue.

In the case with your thoughts or emotions, less is more and more is less.  To prevent or reverse cancerous tissue you must turn off the negative thoughts, the stories, the movies running in your head.  When you turn off the thoughts you reduce acidity, and when you reduce acidity you prevent or reverse sickness, disease and even cancerous tissue.

2) How do your thoughts impact the success for the treatment of cancerous tissue?

It has been said that out of 20 people diagnosed and treated for cancer, 90% of them will die from the fear of the cancer rather than the disease. 

Fear is an acronym that stands for, False Evidence Appearing Real.  Many of us live our lives in F.E.A.R. rather than in Faith - the First Attribute In Thoughtful Health.  When your thoughts move away from F.E.A.R. and move towards F.A.I.T.H., your tissue alkalinity increases and your tissue acidity decreases making your treatments for cancerous tissue more effective.

When you are living your life in F.A.I.T.H. you are living in the present, or in the NOW. Living in the NOW is alkalizing, energizing and healthful. Living your life in the past or in the future is a F.E.A.R. based life and is highly acidic.  Living in the past or the future creates emotions that lead to the feelings of regret, worry, and anxiety that can make you more sick, tired and cancerous.  Your treatments for cancerous tissue will not be effective, or as effective when you are thinking in the past or future and living in a state of  fear, dread stress and worry rather than in the state of faith, hope, love and charity.

Cancerous tissue is not something we get. It is something we do as a consequence of daily choice of what we eat, what we drink, what we THINK, and how we live.  We either have an alkaline lifestyle and diet and enjoy a fit and healthy body, or we have an acidic lifestyle and diet and experience the aches, pains and suffering from metabolic acids.

3) Can you cause cancerous tissue with your thoughts?

Absolutely!  Our thoughts require energy and energy metabolized creates acid.  If the acidic waste products from your thoughts are not eliminated through urination, perspiration, respiration or defecation they will be absorbed into your tissues to protect and maintain the delicate pH of the blood at 7.365. Acids absorbed into the tissues will burn, ferment, spoil and even rot any cell and tissue they come into contact with.  Therefore, metabolic acids when absorbed into the tissues will cause cancerous tissues.

4) How does my personal relationship with friends, family and/or spouse prevent or cause cancerous tissue?

Eckhart Tolle had this to say about our thoughts, which I believe can affect your personal relationships that in turn will either prevent or cause cancerous tissues:

"The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not "the thinker"

The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated.  You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter; beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace, arise from beyond the mind and you begin to awaken."

I believe that this awakening comes through a process of making alkaline lifestyle and dietary choices.  When you become more alkaline in your thoughts, words and deeds, you begin to reconnect to your true self - you are less acidic or less cancerous.  When you are reconnected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually you will begin to awaken.  When awake, your emotions turn to feelings of joy, hope, love and charity for self, and then for your neighbors, friends, family and spouse.  You realize that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience rather than a physical being having a spiritual experience.  You are whole!  You are alkaline! You are healthy! You are alive!  You are a peaceful and loving.

The purpose of medicine is to include prevention of illness and promotion of health and fitness rather than focusing all our attention on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. 

The ultimate purpose of medicine is to help people discover something fundamental within them.  And that is the awareness that the true source of well-being, joy, and contentment that we all seek lies within one's mind and heart - the emotions and the spirit - not in the physical world.  This is important so we can all begin to be freed from the process of grasping for happiness in this physical world.  To support this approach, we must begin to embrace a more spiritual vision of ourselves and of humanity as a whole.  While providing great love, care and attention to the physical body, medicine can then, and only then help people discover the nonphysical, spiritual dimensions of themselves.  When this happens, we can all live and work with less fear and stress, grasping to preserve the physical body at all costs - we can truly be free.

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