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Alkalizing Your Life

The Necessary Steps to Alkalizing Your Life
The keys to reverse imbalance & disease in the body

5 Key Decisions You Will Make
Decide to Meet the Minimum Requirements Below
1.    Decide to be Different! As you learn and this knowledge makes sense, respond to it accordingly.              Believe that your health is more important than what your family and friends might think.  Know that you are choosing the road less traveled but that it will make you smarter, stronger and remember, although some of this might be a challenge, it is short term pain for long term gain.  This should not be "painful" though, you should want health more than you want to succomb to food and drug addictions, and most importantly, if you don’t know yet, learn WHY you are making this decision for yourself!      
2.    Remove Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Coffee, Black Tea and as much Animal Products(Meat & Dairy products)          from your home as you can.
3.    Remove Microwave, Coffee Maker and any other major acid sources from your home
4.    Purchase groceries especially whole alkaline forming foods and tools in alignment with Alkalizing protocols.  We can send you info and protocols if you email or call us.
5.    Make it a FUN Journey!  Know that you can do it! Be Creative all the while.


Elimate Poisons: Stop ingesting poisons.  To a great respect these elements have been listed in order of importance to be eliminated.  Remember go with your body and your own intuition on this.  When you are ready your body and mind will be prepared to eliminate these things.  You will have no craving for them.  One way to speed up this process is educating yourself on 1.What these commonly ingested poisons really are so you can see through the cultural camoflauge and 2. What wonderful fulfilling whole food substitutions are available that you will turn your attention to and find surprising results.  As your Body Ecology balances so too will the way you see food vs. poison and what you decide to consume on a daily basis will change.

-Eliminate cursing and negative language and thought
Sound strange?  Although this might seem unrelated to Alkalizing and your physical health it’s not.  Believe it or not, this is one of the most important steps you will take in your journey to wellness.  If you are already someone who does not curse or use poor language then feel free to move on from here! For most of us including myself most of my life, using bad language comes as a standard habit without thinking and may be considered entertaining in mass media.  It is how the world most often communicates today and  so it seems normal, but in reality it is an unhealthy habit that will ultimately shift you out of balance and make you sick and effect how you influence others.  If you dont agree, that is OK, try both ways for a period of several weeks.  If you are accostomed to cursing even what would be considered mildly bad language make the opposite shift to expressingly yourself cleanly.  be aware and notice how you think and speak with each way.  See how each effects your days and your interactions with people.  Be in tune to listening to others when they speak as you experiment on both sides.  Doing this and being aware of the small changes it causes in your life will help open your mind to the possibilities that lie ahead in the Alkaline program.

Alternatives:  Think positively and Speak positively.  Alternative phrases like Heck, Dang it, Gosh and Gee, may be a great start for you.  Have patience with yourself.  You can be creative.  Play along with this,  you will feel fresher, more intelligent and more alive than ever before, and don’t give up, this truly is the first key step to take on the road to higher consciousness and well being.  .

Quote:  " If any man offend not in word the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body...Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?  Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom." -James 3


-Eliminate Tobacco
This is a poisonous addictive substance.  It is a waste of your money and rescources.  Cigarettes and Chew is product of fermentation and decay, a poison without exception containing neurostimulants and other toxins. It should not be put in our bodies.  Most of the public understands this as fact but the reality is because many of use it habitually it is difficult to stop using it regularly.  I know, it took me 6+ Years of knowing before I finally recognized the truth of the matter and made the decision to stop.  It is my hope it won’t take you 6 years.  I did not use any techniques to quit other than desiring a better life and higher level of consciousness.  I found that the people who had what I wanted did not use these substances, and so my desires and goals were no longer in alignment with my habit.  So the habit was discarded and I began to grow even further in health, intelligence, creativity and awareness, which is the ruselt we are all looking for.
What are your goals?  Do you know people that have qualities that you aspire to have?  Have they never used or eliminated addictive substances from their lives?  Perhaps you want to spend more time with them or are drawn to them.  Allow yourself to be and you will find possibility.  Growth and change is easier than you think when you know what you aspire to have.

Alternatives: Replace the habit of smoking or chewing with something good and alkalizing! If you are addicted to smokeless tobacco or "dip" like I was, notice those moments you get cravings for it, if it becomes frustrating try an all mint chew or chew on wheat grass to help occupy your mind.  Assess your goals  when you have the cravings and look for clarity and calm around you and within you once you start to understand you body you will be able to identify the signal that your body is giving you and you will be able to respond in turn.  To understand the 5 signals go here.  For smokers carry a bottle of greens with you everywhere you go and replace drinking and eating alkaline foods and drinks with the smoking habit.  This is huge to help with the habits of oral fixation!  Also come up with a good “why” you would quit, more than just health.  God, Family, Love for another man or woman, Greater Truth…all good “why’s”.  You can be very specific.

-Eliminate all Alcohol
I know, sorry, no excuses here, poison is poison. This is the product of decay and fermentation.  Destroys cells and consumption does not promote well being in any degree.
Alternatives: Use Mistica in your wine glass and for special occasions use Sparkling grape juices to imitate champagne. When out at a bar or club, ask for club soda with lime and you will fit right in.  It’s what I did until I felt so good and comfortable that I didn’t care anymore.
Greens and Alkaline Water should be your staple drink, take a bottle wherever you go!

-Eliminate Coffee and Black Teas
It is little known but both these products also undergo a fermenting process during production they are highly acidic even in decaffeinated form.  You will often hear health claims about black tea or coffee but I wouldn’t believe them if I were you.  Like Alcohol they are a poison and the harm far outweighs the benefits they can offer.
Alternative:  Use Green Teas and Herbal and Fruit teas, for those coffee lovers there is a product called teccino that is close to the real thing.

-Eliminate all soda pop beverages including and especially Diet Sodas
Alternative: It is best to stay away from all carbonated beverages as they are all highly acidic, however if you must and desire that “fizz” I’d suggest Perrier water with natural fruit juice flavor and or alternative sweetener listed below.

-Eliminate MSG and Iodized "Fake" Salt Hydrogenated Oils – Read the ingredients list on products and ask at restaurants if they use msg.  Get into this habit!  It's worth it.  Hydrogenated oils like “MSG” or Monosodium Glutamate are hidden in so many mainstream products. It’s frustrating how common it is to find these two ingredients in foods.  See www.mercola.com for some of MSG's alias names in product ingredient lists.  How do you know if salt is fake?  If it doesn't specifically say SEA SALT, it's fake and not only will your body not recognize it but it is a poison and will harm your health.
Alternatives: Use Real Salt™ or Sea Salt, consume natural Raw Oils, Oil Blends and Good Fats

-Eliminate/Reduce Dairy including Milk (whole, low fat, skim etc.) Yogurt, Cheese, Ice Cream  See my website under Calcium for more info on WHY. Alternatives: replace milk with common milks of Almond, Soy, Rice, Oat, etc.  Use alternative soy yogurt. Use alternative Soy Ice Creams. Use alternative soy and almond cheeses.  Any alternative in this case is better than dairy itself. For milks use of unsweetened is always better add your own sweeteners after if needed.  Instead of butter use alternative vegetable margarines without hydrogenated oils.
Good Better and Best:  Almond Milks and Cheeses are the best alternatives, for butter the best options are extra virgin coconut oil, avocado

-Eliminate Unclean Animal Flesh: This includes first and foremost Pork, Veal, Chicken, Standard Beef, Shellfish, including shrimp, lobster, crab, clams, oysters, scallops.
Alternatives: Fish. Tofu, Beans, Nuts, If you really need to have beef, Grass Fed Organic Beef is the way to go.  If you are in a more significant state of imbalance you need to get off all animal flesh completely for at least 90 days to give digestive system a break and to focus on healing.


-Eliminate/Reduce Mushrooms:  These are fungal and will promote such in the body.  This is something that is not talked about but one of the biggest destructive forces in many peoples diets.  Fungus is a silent killer and reducing it in the body and the blood brings great health.  Also there is no such thing as a healthy mushroom. Any positive effects that come from medicinal mushrooms can be found from living healthy plant sources.  Please dont consume mushroom based supplements or supplements that contain any mushroom or fungal products!

Alternatives:  cooked eggplant, olives


-Eliminate Peanuts & Corn:  Highly fungal and mycotoxic, even if you think you can handle these products and that you don’t have allergies to this, it’s making you acidic.  Your body does not like either of these seemingly “natural” products.
Successfully eliminate these two and you will progress even further toward great health!
Alternatives:  Almond Butter, Soy Nut Butter, Sunflower Seed Butter, Best choices are those without sweeteners, buy unsweetened and add your own in smaller amounts if you choose.

-Eliminate High fructose corn syrup, all artificial sweeteners  and refined sugars

This includes Splenda, nutrasweet and other artificials.  These are excitotoxins.  See my webpage on artificial sweetners for more details.

Alternatives: Maple Syrup, Honey, Agave, Stevia, Fruit