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A simple green drink can help you feel more energized and help make the transition to better eating and lifestyle habits much easier.  

I've tried dozens of green products and have found a few reliable brands that dont compromise between taste, quality and nutrient benefits.

The 3 greens products pictured below are some of my favorites and I've linked them to the best price I have found on Amazon.  Good luck in your journey to vibrant health and wellness!




Build Strong BLOOD, Change Your LIFE.


Eating and drinking more live green foods will have an enormous impact on your bodies internal chemistry.


 Does what we eat and drink have anything to do with the health of our body, internally and externally? 

Can my diet effect my skin and hair quality? 

YES!  I can't tell you how many dermatologists and medical Dr.'s told me "NO" in answer to this question.  I believed them for many many years and for many many years lived with disease and less than what i desired in health, energy and appearance.  When I heard about the alkaline lifestyle and its potential impact on my body I was interested.  What did I have to lose?  Eat and drink differently for a month or two and if it did not good I would go back to what I was doing.  It was worth a shot right?   After all what did I have to lose. 

What I had been doing for so long wasn't working, and I always dreamed of having good health and great skin.  So I  made changes.  And within a short time I found out!  You Are What You Eat!  Visit my link Alkalizing in the News to find out about new clinical evidence linking diet directly to genetics and your health.

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Alkaline Water is key.  What is the best way to consume more natural alkaline water every day?

I've included links to my favorite water ionizer products to view BELOW and there is also more information on my site all about water HERE!



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