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The following lists go over the acid or alkaline values of the foods we eat.  The acurate way to measure the alkalinity of food is how the food changes the pH value of the tissues of the body.  Once food is digested, an "ash" is formed.  The pH of this ash is different than the pH value of the actual food itself.  Lemons for example are very acidic by themselves however when digested they have an alkalizing effect in the body!

A simple way to begin this alkalizing lifestyle program is to begin by looking over the lists below and start by increasing the amount of alkalizing foods that get onto your plate and reducing the amount of acidic foods that you consume.  And most important, have fun!  There are so many creative ways to prepare great tasting alkalizing meals.  for recipes and ideas visit this link:



Highly Alkalizing Foods


Artichokes, Arugula, Asparagus, Avocado, baking soda, beet greens, beets, broccoli, cabbage, cabbage lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, celery, celery root, chard, chicory, chives, cilantro,collards, comfrey, cucumbers, dandelion greens, eggplant, endive, fennel, garlic, ginger, wheat grass and its juice, barley grass, kamut grass, green beans, jicama, kohlrabi, leeks, lemon, lettuce, lima beans, lime, lotus root, mustard greens, onions, parsley, peas, peppers, pumpkin, radishes, rhubarb, rutabaga, sea salt, sea vegetables, seaweed, sorrel, soy lecithin, soy beans, soy nuts, spinach, sprouted beans-grains-seeds in all variaties, squash, sweet poatoes, taro root, tomatoes, tomatillos, turnips, wasabi, watercress, zucchini.



Moderately Alkalizing Foods

Raw Almonds, Borage oil, brazil nuts, buckwheat groats, burdock root, caraway seeds, chia seeds, cumin seeds, dasheen, fennel seeds flax seed oil, flax seeds, hazelnuts, herbs, millet, nigella seeds, parsnip, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, radishes, sesame seeds, soy flour, stevia, sunflower seeds, tofu.


Low Alkalizing Foods

Amaranth, black-eyed peas, Bragg liquid aminos™, apples, apricots, bananas, black currants, blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, cold pressed oils, currants, dates, evening primrose oil, figs, flax seed oil, gooseberries, grapes, grapefruit, kiwi, mandarin oranges, mangos, marine lipids, nectarines, olive oil, oranges, papayas, peaches, pears, pineapples, plums, pmegranates, raspberries, red currants, rosehips, strawberries, tangerines, ugli fruit, watermelon. (Note: High sugar fruits are acidic in an imbalanced body and are best in season and for cleansing purposes in moderation.  Fruit juice is not recommended)   fava beans, head lettuce, kamut, miso, pecans, quinoa, rice(brown and basmati), spelt, spices, string beans, sunflower oil, teff, vegetable broth, vegetables cooked, walnuts, wax beans, wild rice.


Neutral Foods

Fresh coconut meat and water, ghee, xylitol


 Low Acidic Foods

Agave nectar, brown rice syrup, fresh water fish, dried fruit, honey raw, lentils, olives, rye bread, sprouted-grain bread and meal, whole grain bread and meal.


Moderately Acid Foods

Barley, beans, carob, cashews, cranberries, fructose, granola, legumes, pistachios, turbinado sugar, vanilla, wheat, stored potatoes, soy sauce, tamari, tapioca,


Highly Acidic Foods

Bacon, Barley malt sweetener, Biscuits, Butter, Bread-white bread, chicken, cheese, eggs, cakes, corn, corn meal, crab, lobster, mushrooms, organic cheese, oatmeal, oats, ocean fish, pasta, pastries, pork, rice, sausages, shrimp, turkey, veal, Alcohol of all kinds, artificial sweeteners, candy, cheese, cocoa, coffee and black tea, cottonseed oil, refined oils, both raw milk and cow's milk that has been homogenized and pasteurized, fried foods of all kinds, game birds, hydrogenated oil, ice cream, jam, jelly, hops, malt, margarine, milk chocolate, msg, processed foods, pudding, refined sugar, white sugar, table salt(NaCl), vinegar of all kinds, yeast, soft drinks, candy, processed foods of all kinds.


You may notice that a more alkalizing diet means moving toward a more vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. This lifestyle has been the preferred lifestyle of choice by some of the most brilliant figures in history and is increasingly becoming the choice lifestyle of many people today within the mainstream Please take this opportunity to watch some of the short videos below of FAMOUS VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS. It may surprise you!