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Alkalizing and Our Children


Raising Healthy Kids



The Need for more Alkalarian Families

The family is currently in jeopardy, and one of the areas under attack is that of health and nutritional awareness.  Kids and parents are drowning in the barrage of media and advertising selling us products to eat that are poisonous to our cells and are not nutritionally suitible even to be called food.  The effects of these products upon the body are destructive to life and development.  Our children are being compromised by poor choices and as for most Americans it has become normal for our kids to live an inverted, unnatural, non-nutrative lifestyle. 

As a call to all parents we  wish to  spread the message of the importance of health and nutritional awareness from the first years of life.  If we want the best for our kids we have to help coach them in healthy living.  We believe one of the best ways to do that as parents, is to be an example of health for them.


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