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How Do I Gain Weight & Muscle while Alkalizing?

The best way to get well is by building the best, strongest blood and healing the digestive tract.   This is especially true for gaining weight if too thin or when you are looking to build healthy muscle mass.

However, without a clean gut and colon you cannot achieve proper absorption or balance yeast/fungal colonizations which means you won’t easily gain weight.  This means continuing to cleanse. Using a oxygenating cleanser continuously over the course of many months and visiting with a colon hydrotherapist for a series of colonics will be helpful!

Also, excess stress and physical strain can seriously hinder your progress here initially. This stress will effect the gut as well.  You must make efforts to encourage calm, peace and harmony in your life.  An alkaline program will help!

So again, all this comes down to building strong healthy living BLOOD!

Keys to Gaining Weight by Building Strong Blood:

Make sure you are breathing. Focus on breathing in and out regularly and do so several times a day.  Stress stops us from breathing properly.  You will notice this as you become more aware.

*High Alkaline Water
This is a #1 key. Drink at least 3 liters daily. Our body optimally desires 1 litre of alkalizing fluid per 30-40 lbs of body weight.

*Drink Vegetable juices with greens powder. 
A great blood building vegetable juice is made of 1 whole celery, 1.5 whole cucumbers (and carrot to taste if you need sweet flavor), then put core greens powder in it.

*Consume Soy sprouts daily! 
Plant sprouts like Biolive Sprouts are pure plant protein and play an important role as an endurance food and protein and alkalizing mineral source to feed the blood and also keep blood sugars stable.   Take at least 2 scoops in the morning and 2 scoops in the afternoon. Take scoops several times through the day also.  
(find biolive sprouts here: http://www.younglifescience.com/Biolive-Sprouts-270-grams-P-77.htm)

*Increase Oil intake
You’ll want to slowly increase to at least 6 tablespoons per day especially if active; These are essential fatty acids such as extra virgin coconut oil, hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, borage oil, avocado oil. Oils - are as crucial to the body as they are to a car - without oil the body doesn’t function well.  Our body optimally requires at least 6 tablespoons of oils.
If you are working out or looking to gain weight build this up to about 8 tablespoons.  Build intake up slowly over several weeks.   Oil is needed by blood to create cellular structure and strength.  Your body and muscles will love you and thank you for it!

*Eat Raw soaked/sprouted/dehydrated Nuts daily
-such as almonds pecans, walnuts, macadamia, (no peanuts!).

*Eat lots of Avocado daily
Regulary consume at leat 1-3 avocadoes daily

Be sure that you are getting enough Alkalizing minerals in your diet.
Use Dr Youngs pHour Salts two times daily(before and after exercise if you are working out). This will reduce lactic acid build up and give back minerals to the body.  You can do this daily.

A no salt diet will make you sick!  Salt is key but make sure it’s real!  Make a Sol from Real Salt as directed on www.AlkalizingForLife.com website under “natural salt” link. Use in mouth as spray before and after working out and regulary other times throughout the day.

L-Carnitine: for energy and building muscle.
L-Carnitine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body, however, because
it is often deficient in the body taking it as an added supplement may be helpful.
L-Carnitine promotes increased energy, lower cholesterol, decreased cravings, and balanced blood sugar and blood pressure. Also, because it is an amino acid, L-Carnitine aids in building lean muscle mass.  A range of 50 to 250 mg daily or 500 mg a few days a week works for most people. As with many supplements, I recommending taking breaks from use. For instance, you can take off one or two days a week, and a week off per month.

L-Arginine: for energy, Nitric Oxide, and building muscle.  Ideally 3000 to 5000 mg daily for muscle building.  the product should also contain l-citruline to extend release time of arginine.  ProArgi9 Plus is recomended brand of high quality arginine supplement.

You may find you still lose weight at the beginning stages of the program. This is normal and is actually he effects of your body cleansing and eliminating toxins.  Continue pressing forward, you will begin to reach a point of progressive weight gain!

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