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Press release provid
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Sep 08, 2022
2:53 AM
To ensure that all stakeholders are aware of your business's Environmental Governance, Social, Governance and (ESG) initiatives, We're pleased to share that we've established 3 regional ESG circuits inside GlobeNewswire Press Release circulation!

The individual ESG circuits come with our extensive regional wire and circuit network as well as a carefully selected listing of journalists and media outlets with a particular interest in ESG, along with other trades that cover issues related to the environment and charity.

Please take a look at our summary of the headlines below.
ESG North America includes USA National, Canada National, and North America-centric ESG journalists and trades (405 contacts comprising 150 outlets).

ESG Europe ESG Europe includes Budget Europe and European-centric ESG trades and journalists (1,260 contacts, representing five25 different outlets).

ESG Asia Pacific It includes Budget Asia and APAC-centric ESG journalists and trades (157 contacts, representing the 81 outlets).

Additionally, press releases will be published via one of these channels. globe newswire’s ESG newsroom

The circuits are also included in our brand new Electronics for communication package.

Why choose GlobeNewswire Media Publishing Distribution?

GlobeNewswire allows you to communicate your ESG news with journalists as well as investors and consumers from all over the globe.

GlobeNewswire provides a wide choice of ways to reach the most relevant audience.

Create media coverage. Send your news to media outlets that are ESG-related and critical journalists via speciality newlines. GlobeNewswire's vast distribution networks connect news agencies as well as websites like the AP as well as Bloomberg, Google News, business magazines, content aggregators, financial databases, trade publications, and online as well as broadcast.

Enhance your news by incorporating multimedia. Enhance your news by using Media Snippets or embed an image carousel as well as infographics, audio, and videos to convey a compelling story.
Enhance brand recognition and make your brand more discoverable. Increase online visibility and results from the search for your business. Utilize Globe Newswire to supply Google, as well as other engines, with information from an authoritative source.

Determine how your publications Get a post-distribution Newswire Analytics report that offers comprehensive statistics on reach, accessibility, social engagement, and visibility. This will help you assess what impact you can make from your messages.

Get full-service support for your editorial needs. We trust our editorial team to collaborate closely with your team, even with strict deadlines. We offer 24/7/365 support and translation services as needed.

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Mar 13, 2024
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