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Amazing Tips to Make your Essays look Longer
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Adam Knight
2 posts
Jan 29, 2023
9:23 PM

Students usually experience issues in reaching the word count for their essays. Other students do meet the word count but they feel like their essays look shorter than it actually is. If you are looking for tips and tricks to make your essay longer than it looks, then this article is for you. We will discuss some simple, but effective tips, which can make your essay look longer than usual

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Tips and tricks to make your essay longer

Following are some useful tips to ensure that your essay looks longer than it is supposed to. These tips will help you answer the question, ‘When I write my essaythis term, how can I make it longer so that I can meet the word count?’. Let us jump straight into the points. 

  • Make sure you have included everything your instructor asked you to. You may have missed a key part of the rubric that is not written in the essay. Double-check your rubric every time you do an essay. This will ensure that your essay does not look smaller than usual and that all critical areas are covered

  • An effective essay usually has several transitional words. These words or phrases help build the flow of the essay and allow for a more engaging experience for the reader. You cannot go wrong by adding a few more of these transitions into the body paragraphs of your essay. Not only will this make your essay better, but it will also make your essay look longer than it should be

  • If you do my essay for me or an assignment that has a lot of numbers in it, then you are in luck. To make your essay look longer, spell out the numbers instead of just writing them. For example, 7 becomes seven, 100 becomes hundred, and 1200 becomes one thousand two hundred. This is a very simple trick to make sure that your essay has a much bigger word count than before 

  • Do not use contractions in your essays. A contraction is a combination of two words. Examples of contractions include don’t, shouldn’t, and it’s. By splitting the contraction into the words that make up the contraction, we are increasing the word count. Now imagine if you used 100 contractions in your essay. Changing all those contractions will give you an extra 100 words. This is a simple but efficient way to bolster the word count for your essay

  • Even though most essay formats require that you use double spacing, you can use 2.5 line spacing instead. A 0.5 increase may seem very small but if you end up using this trick in your next essay, then you are guaranteed to see a big difference. 

  • Another trick similar to changing the line spacing is changing the spacing between the characters. It should not be too much because then the essay will look weird. Remember we are trying to make the essay longer, not weirder

  • You can change the font size from 12pt to 12.5pt. This may seem like a small difference but it goes a long way. Most essay formats state that you should use a 12pt font size but you can bend the rules a little bit

  • If there is no limitation for a specific font, then you should go for a font that is bigger in size. This will give the illusion that your essay is longer and has a much bigger word count. 

  • Provide extra detail in your body paragraphs. If the rubric says to provide evidence for your claims but it does not specify how much evidence, then you should as much evidence as you can. This will serve a double purpose. First, the word count of your essay will go up. Second, your instructor will be happy and appreciate the extra research you have done

  • Add quotes that support your research. These quotes may seem useless but once you paraphrase them in extra words, that is when they will help in adding more words to your word count

  • Reduce the number of pronouns in the essay. Instead of using pronouns, you should use the actual names of the people you are referring to. Instead of saying ‘They went to the airport’ you should say ‘Simon, Kelly, Max, and Tara went to the airport’. See how instead of one word, we were able to add 5 new ones

  • Make a separate cover page for your essay. Most essay formats require a cover page so it is not like you are breaking the rules or anything. This will add an extra page and some extra words for your word count

If these tips still do not help you reach your word count then you should get in touch with an essay writing service. This service will help solve all your essay-related problems at very affordable rates.

Now that you are aware of the tips that can help increase the size of your essay, you should use some of these tips in the next essay you write. Just remember not to bend any rules that have been set by your instructor or supervisor. Other than that, these tips are going to help you write my paper effectively.

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