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NEWSLETTER > Oprah's new Plant-Based Diet, Sound Familiar?
Oprah's new Plant-Based Diet, Sound Familiar?

May 22, 2008


What an exciting few weeks!
So many personal victories for friends and clients with their health.

Every week more clients of mine are coming off their lipitor, reducing their insulin, dropping pounds and improving their energy levels!

All by adopting more Alkaline habits in diet and lifestyle.

Today I want share some LATE BREAKING NEWS!

Oprah has announced she is going vegan for 21 days!


That's no meat, no eggs and no dairy.
This is one of the first steps to alkalizing your body and improving digestion and eliminating toxicity from the body.

Myself and others like Dr. Robert O Young have been talking about the important health and environmental benefits of a more vegan/alkaline lifestyle for years. With Oprah now bringing this lifestyle and its benefites to mainstream media we are going to see even more significant attention to this very important subject.

Please check out this video with Oprah below and visit my website for the best 21 day cleanse program to Alkalize and energize your body, your cells and your life!


Have a great week!

Mike Costa