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Tips For a Healthy Alkaline 4th of July

Jul 2, 2008

Hello Friends,

With Summer in full swing and the favorite 4th of July Holiday here there can be many challenges for the individual attempting to make healthy lifestyle transition for themselves and their family.

Whether you are a seasoned alkaline health advocate or new to healthy alkaline living, you've noticed that most holidays, especially those summer events, are extremely acid forming.

From Hot Dogs and Burgers to Alcohol, Chips and Soda, the cultural staples are clearly not here to help us get well or reach a higher level of health and spiritual consciousness.

For My family our tastes and addictions have changed so much since we have been living an alkaline lifestyle. In Fact, after a few years of making healthy choices in life you become completely disinterested in consuming most foods we often crave from the Standard American Diet. To be able to look at a S.A.D. burger, fries soda and ice cream and not have the faintest interest in eating it is a very exciting and liberating experience. What fun to crave fresh, living alkaline choices. Many folks relate living food to boring food but I want to testify to you that it is the most exciting and wide variety of food you can imagine. It can be simple or extremely complex and gourmet. In fact, our family continues to put out the challenge to all our friends and clients to send us their favorite food and we will create or present recipes we've already created that are a even more enjoyable yet familiar and convincing fresh healthy substitute!

Having an Alkalizing 4th doesn't mean to be a anti social. In fact we encourage you to share this healthy way with others. We enjoy socializing with family and friends and showing them who we are and how we live. Some say it makes us different we say it makes us unique, and it's great conversation.

This year I'd like to challenge everyone to make their 4th of July 2008 a more alkalizing one! Include lots of fresh veggies and greens and alkaline fruits, sprouted nuts seeds and grains!

Eliminate mainstream Sodas full of corn syrup and sugar!
Try making pitchers of your own fresh lemon or lime aide sweetened with stevia or agave nectar! (email us for recipe)

Avoid animal products like burgers, dogs and cheese. (remember cheese is dairy decay, nasty stuff for the body) Instead try many of the wide variety of veggie burgers dogs and cheeses available on the market today, or better yet make your own and top that with a whole wheat or sprouted grain bun!

Hot dogs are replaceable too. Remember, Pork out of all the meats is number one to eliminate from your diet. If you haven't read about why visit my website www.AlkalizingForLife.com and you can read why for yourself.

If you are not ready for the "meatless" transition make yourself some fresh salmon or grill some burgers made from grass fed organic beef. They are a better option. Turkey Dogs are a better choice as well.

If you are interested in recipes to spice up your 4th please email us at:


Happy 4th of July!


The Costa's "The Alkaline Family"

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