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The Importance of

Alkaline Ionized Water

“It is difficult to find anything more healthy to drink than good cold water, such as flows down to us from springs and snows of our mountains. This is the beverage we should drink. It should be our drink at all times."                                               -Discourses of Brigham Young

Alkaline Ionized water is the only water that will truly bring you good health.  It is best at pH 9.5 and at least -400 mV. Water like this isn't going to come out of your tap and you can't just buy a bottle of it.

Before you begin to learn about Alkaline Ionized Water you must begin with an understanding that it is a phenomenon which is created in nature.  It is most similar to that which is found clean, full of alkaline minerals and in rapid motion, rushing and flowing down from the mountains over rocks and waterfalls. Today through Home Water Ionization Machines we are able to intensify and concentrate this phenomenon in your own home and harness it's incredible life giving properties.

Doctors and nutritionists might say that losing weight by drinking water is not possible. And that is true with the water that is currently available to you.  Most water considered "healthful" by mainstream health companies and practitioners is "purified water".  Purified water is produced by deionization, distillation or reverse osmosis and should not be consumed.  It acidifies the body(pH 4-6), is positively charged, leaches minerals from internal body reserves and will not hydrate the body due to large molucule cluster sizes. 

The accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes within our body is a main contributor to the aging process. As most of the foods we eat are acidic forming, the waste products are acidic, and can only be removed by alkaline solvents.  Taking in acidic purified water won't help this problem.

One of the main functions of the body is to rid itself of acidic waste known as toxins. But, with the accumulation of acidic waste from polluted air, water, carcinogenic pharmaceuticals, mental stress and food, combined with the normal toxins created by the metabolic processes of the human body, we are finding it harder and harder to maintain the proper pH balance for health. Independent researchers have been concluding for years (although the FDA loves to ignore these findings) that one way to help rid the body of harmful acidic waste is through the consumption of electron rich alkaline water.

The human body is 70% water. You have 10 to 13 Gallons of water in your body. Water makes up 75% by volume of your muscles and heart, 83% of your brain and kidneys, 95% of your eyes and even 22% of your bones. 90% of your BLOOD is water.  You are literally what you drink.

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. They don’t get the minimum eight, eight-ounce servings of water per day (about 2 liters) ecommended by mainstream health experts. The average person gets 1 liter of fluid per day and not from water but from acidic drinks like coffee, tea sweetened juices and soft drinks. These actually rob the body of water. An acidic body pulls water into the tissues to try and neutralize acids there. Mild dehydration also slows metabolism and most hunger pangs are actually thirst signals. Readily available water is acidic and will make your body acidic. The most important characteristics of healthy water are its purity, pH, electron activity and molecular structure. PH Drops and Water ionizers are powerful tools to alkalize the water you drink.



15 Reasons for Drinking
Electron Rich Alkaline Structured Water


1) When you first get up in the morning,
drink 1 liter of electron rich alkaline pH
Water with or without  green powder.  This
helps to flush out your kidneys, bladder and
bowels and rehydrates and energizes or recharges
your body with extra electrons. Remember that
energy is electrons in motion.

2) Drink at least 4 liters of electron-rich,
alkaline, structured pH Water daily. 
Drink one 16 ounce glass every hour or 1 liter
every 2 hours. You may have to work up to this,
but this should be your best-case healthy goal. 
Your stomach, kidneys and bladder will be 'happy'
to accommodate this effort if you keep at it with
determination. If you weigh less than 120 pounds,
decrease by about 20%; if you weigh 190 to 250
pounds, increase about 20%; if you weigh more
than 250 pounds, increase 30%.

3) Some scientists say it is best to drink half
an hour before eating and between meals.   Water's
role is to bathe the cells in alkalinity with its
electrons which will help prepare your body to
receive food. 
If you are eating a high water content meal, you
may also drink with your meal.  Yes, you read me
right -- YOU CAN DRINK WITH YOUR MEALS -- if you
are eating a high water content meal and using
high pH Water.

4) Drink electron-rich, alkaline, pH
Water at habitual times throughout the day. 
Don't wait until you are hungry or thirsty because
many times when you feel hungry, your body is
really thirsty. 
Thirst always indicates a present state of mild

5) Increase your drinking by drinking at least
1 liter of electron-rich, structured, pH
Water for each one hour one hour of exercise
or stressful mental activity.

6) Learn to listen to your body. Do you feel
dehydrated?  Is your mouth dry?  Are you
experiencing fatigue or light-headedness? 
Always use electron-rich, structured, pH
Water before taking any medication. 
Your body is crying out for water!  Over time,
with healthy food, water, and detoxification,
your need for medication may very well be
reduced or eliminated.

7) Drink at least 1 liter per 30 pounds of weight
of electron-rich, structured, pH Water
with green veggie powder or diluted fresh juices
to maintain hydration during extreme weight loss,
muscle building or weight gain.

8) Drink only electron-rich, alkalikne, pH
Waterwith or without the green powder or
diluted fresh green juices.  Avoid commercial sport drinks, energy drinks,
caffeinated sodas, tea, coffee, cholcolate drinks,
alcohol and/or beer.

End each day with 16 ounces of electron-rich,
structured, alkaline pH Water.

10) To help elimination if congested or
constipated, drink the electron-rich, alkaline
pH Water warm.

The health of the 70 trillion cells that
make up your body must be bathed in alkalinity.

12) The Stomach needs to be alkaline at 7.2 or
better so drink lots of pH Water to
buffer the hydrochloric acid in the stomach!

13) You perspiration should be alkaline at 7.2
so drink lots of pH Water and sweat

14) Remember, you must 'pee or perspire' your
way to incredible health, energy, and vitality
and you can speed the path dramatically by
drinking pH  Water.

Finally, always remember that your body is
"alkaline by design and acidic by function"(TM)
so drink pH Miracle Water(TM) a live a healthy
and energetic life free from all sickness and









We carry a full line of ionizers from different companies. 

We carry mid grade to high end machines.

We do not carry low end machines but we do carry what from our experience are the best performing models from the most credible companies.  We are not biased to any one company and do not promote any machines based on income incentives or money to line our pockets.  We want you to have the machine you want and one that will do what it claims it will do.  We have personally tested many models and have found our favorites but you can decide for yourself. 

We have spend countless hours researching and testing water.  Deciding which ionizer to buy can be an excruciatingly painstaking subject for the consumer.  We are happy to help with this subject whether you buy from this or not.

Please feel free to call us and we will help you pick out your favorite model based on your specific needs.

watch the below video of a great test with one of the latest models on the market.




What is Structured Water?

The smaller hexagonal molecular structure is what makes ionized water wetter than tap or bottled water. These smaller clusters of water molecules are less than half the size of those found in tap water. The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good cellular permeability. Most water coming out of our taps and the many filtration units available has little structure, known as hexagonal structuring. Even
bottled water is usually without this structuring. Without this structure water cannot get inside the cell itself. The body must use its own resources to attempt to produce hexagonal structure within this water. This requires antioxidants, and if not present, the inner cell environment will remain dehydrated even with the body swimming in water consumed.

Positively charged protons dominate acids. This overabundance of protons in the water we usually drink pushes the body into a greater acid imbalance and stimulation. Most of the water available on the market is more abundant in protons rather than electrons. It’s the attraction of electrons that neutralizes harmful acids. Water that has electron rich activity helps rid the body of acids. This value of water is called its ORP.

ORP stands for oxidative reduction potential. This quantifies the amount of energy in your water in millivolts or mV. You want your water to register in negative millivolts. So your water should have an ORP of at least -50 mV (and you don’t want to go beyond -1250mV)this will provide sufficient electron activity to neutralize excess acids that would otherwise cause your body to gain or hold weight. Most tap water comes in at about +500 mV. With almost all bottled waters (even the expensive ones) you are most likely
getting proton-saturated, acidic water. Water with no energy. Water that will actually steal energy away from your body rather than contribute to good health.


If you simply cannot get an Ionizer, Your best bet is to get Prill Beads or to get pH Booster Drops to add to your water!

pH Drops are a unique combination of the most alkaline minerals and compounds.

we currently recommend Alkavision pH drops as described below.

What pH is your water supposed to be at? Most experts agree on 9-11.

Use pH Drops to raise the alkalinity of your water to pH of 10! 

Hunza people?

Exactly! They are our model. Look, they live to about 120 years of age, look good, feel good, never get sick. Why? Good question. many authors agree on one particular element of their lifestyle and that is WATER. Hunza people drink high pH, mineral rich water. Plus they live high in the mountains where oxygen is abundant and the air is clean.

Proper Hydration

It is VITAL that you Begin to Flush Away Wastes Before They Eat Into The Cells
Of Your Veins, Arteries, and Heart Weakening And Aging You!

Many of us understand that our swimming pools and fish tanks must remain high enough in pH to discourage microorganisms, bacteria, algae and fungus from proliferating. The same is true regarding the fluids in our body. Our bodies are primarily made of water!. The more we can hydrate with "wet" easily absorbable highly alkaline water the less pain and disease we will have.

We highly recommend that you begin hydrating with good pure alkaline water - 1 liter per every 40 lb of weight a day.  

pH drops and Cellular Rejuvination

Research shows that pH drops directly contribute to the rejuvenation of the body’s tissues. A study, conducted at the University of California , Irvine , provides evidence of how bio-energy in Vital Force™ Formulas played a significant role in the regenerative process of the cell cultures exposed to destructive Gamma Rays.


Nutritional Microscopy (live cell analysis)



Results were provided by BetterBlood.net


As you drink your way to a healthy body,
you will find that the single most important
part of Alkaline Living is to re-hydrate
the body with high pH electron-rich pH
Water.  It is the easiest and quickest way to
regain your health and vitality or to
lose weight or gain weight.

The average person drinks about one liter of
fluids per day from coffee, tea, soft drinks,
food and water, all of which are over-saturated
with acids or protons and can prevent you from
achieving ideal health.

You will become exactly what you drink as you
'pee' your way to health.



Stress? Anxiety? Trouble with recovery after exercise? Your body has most likely digressed into an acidic state due to consumption of calcium leaching foods such as meat, bread, and carbonated beverages - which contain harmful carbonic, lactic, and phosphoric acids. What does this mean? It means that we are allowing our bodies to become susceptible to many diseases as well as creating the perfect environment for diseases to thrive.

Thankfully, technology has allowed us a way to counter-balance our already acidic bodies via machines that produce healthy alkaline ionized water. These water ionizers produce the highest concentrations of negatively charged hydroxyl ions with the alkaline minerals, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and manganese. These negatively charged molecules and alkaline minerals are needed by the body to help maintain a healthy, natural, alkaline state without sacrificing bone density and dental health (often what occurs when our bodies naturallytry to fight acidity). Regular and abundant amounts of this alkaline, oxygen rich, visually cloudy, energy charged water is needed to re-balance and bring us back into a healthy state.

Alkaline ionized water is a major factor in reducing anxiety disorder caused by cerebral lactic acid sensitivity, therefore, enabling our bodies to be healthier and stress free. And, this water is extremely beneficial for hydration during and after exercising while helping prevent and remove the build up of lactic acid in our muscles.

Live stress and anxiety free, be healthy and hydrated, drink alkaline ionized water!



It is safe to consume 1.5 liters of ionized water per hour

recommended intake of Alkaline Ionized water:

Infants: 1 Liter per day

Young Children: 2-4 Liters per day

Teens: 3-6 Liters per day

Adult: 90-150 lbs, 4 liters (1+Gallons)

Adult: Over 150 lbs, 6 liters (1.5 Gallons per day)

note: Tepid water makes stronger ionized water



  • Kills/retards growth of bacteria on contact
  • helps heal cuts, blisters, scrapes, rashes, burns, serious wounds
  • Helps heal diabetic skin ulcers
  • Provides mosquito bite and bee sting relief
  • Cleans and conditions Hair and skin-people and Great for PETS!
  • Provides relief from poison ivy, oak and sumac
  • cleans and conditions hair
  • Great for car, truck or boat acid batteries
  • Relieves chapped hands and dry itchy skin
  • Removes plaque from teeth use instead of toothpaste
  • Wash  veggies, fruits and fish with it to kill bacteria (then soak in alkaline water)
  • Gargle with it to relieve sore throats and mouth sores
  • Acts as an astringent to tighten skin and remove wrinkles
  • Helps stop acne, eczema and other skin and scalp conditions
  • Excellent for treating fungus and athlete's foot
  • Excellent cleaning agent
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Increases plant turgor
  • Significantly extends life of cut flowers


"I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man." -Henry David Thoreau

"In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water.  yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it."    -Lao-Tzu

Under the microscope, unhealthy cells appear dark and misshapen. Healthy blood cells, however, are round, vibrant in color, and practically glow in comparison to diseased cells. What creates this contrast? ALKALINITY!!    -Dr. Robert O. Young:


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