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Amazing Audio & Video Links

Popular News Media on Dr. Young & "The pH Miracle".

CBS The Early Show on "The pH Miracle"


CNN Interview with Dr. Robert young on Weight Loss


NBC Story on Dr. Young's Cook Book

Paula Sands Interview with Dr. Robert Young on Diabetes


Dr. Robert O.Young Interview with Anthony Robbins

Dr. Robert O. Young Interview

Dr. Robert O. Young Blood Demonstration Video

Dr. Robert O. Young Lecture Series Part 1

Dr. Robert O. Young Lecture Series Part 2

Dr. Robert O. Young Lecture Series Part 3

Dr. Robert O. Young Lecture Series Part 4

Dr. Robert O. Young Lecture Series Part 5

Dr. Robert O. Young Lecture Series Part 6

Dr. Robert O. Young Lecture Series Part 7

Scientist Sang Wang on Alkaline Buffers In Blood


Famous Italian Dr. Speaking about Cancer as a Fungus


Videos on Alkaline Water

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Videos on Alkalizing & Animal/Environmental Concerns



Great Global Warming Doc           Peak Oil Documentary


"The Story of Stuff"  This is a Must See Click Here

Powerful Gary Null Video About Health and The Aging Process 






Video Below: Gabriel Cousins MD on The Blood Type Diet & Theory

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?


Alkalizing Video Testimonials

Multiple Sclerosis- Ron Stranger

Neuropathy-Wendy Osland

Blood Pressure- Donna Shulze

Depression & fatigue-Sherry Boyle

Crohn's Disease-Timea Young

Heart Disease & Cholesterol-Kendall Simmons

Reduction of Cholesterol-Adam Liss

Reduction of Cholesterol-Barry Neagal

Reduction of Cholesterol-Lisa McGregor

Lab Values "before" for Jean Garnier

Lab Results for Jean Garnier

Dr. Julie Burke, DC on Synergy Products

Dr. Julie Burke, DC on Synergy System

Dr. Michael Weis, DC on Synergy

Dr. Stan Gross, DC on Synergy

Dr. Brian Douglass, DC on Synergy

Night Sweats- Sherri Crowell

Psoriasis- Chuck Lindberg

Sugar Cravings-Brady Simmons

Multiple Sclerosis-Ron Stranger "My Medical Dr."

Canine Lyme Disease


Health Care & Nutrition in Pop Media

Bill Mayer on Drugs and the Health Care System




"The 6 Converging Factors"

with Drew Boecher


This video reviews  the Synergy opportunity through the eyes of a well respected government financial analyst who is an active and successful distributor.  After having a tremendous experience with alkalizing supplements he became inspired to look further into networking as a business and investment stream of income.  Today he is working with Synergy and has chosen Synergy specifically because of several determining factors which make the company stand out among competitors in the industry.  I invite you to take this opportunity to hear from my good friend Drew Boecher on these 6 converging factors.

 Compensation Plan Training

with Drew Boecher


This video provides an overview of Synergy's compensation plan through the eyes of our team financial analyst Drew Boecher, who believes Synergy is the best investment opportunity for residual income.  Many of the myths of network marketing are dispelled and the ways to earn a second stream of income with Synergy are  clearly described.


New Distributor Orientation

with Corrine  Brandi


In the New Distributor Orientation Corrine Brandi covers the important steps for every distributor  from basic goal setting to understang WHY you are interested in Synergy, WHAT you want to make of it and HOW you can get there.  Corrine is a very close friend of mine, a veteran Nutritional Microscopist and colleague of my husband.  She began this journey just over a year ago and has had great success by applying these important principles in her Synergy Career.  This is valuable must have knowledge for any networker or goal setting individual.